10 year old reporter

Meet the 10 year old reporter in Palestine

Often, the current refugee crisis in the middle east is solely blamed on the Syrian civil war, however there is a lot of fighting in other states that simply isn’t reported. One person is helping to change that. Janna Jihad Ayyad, a 10 year old girl has been reporting on the violence taking place in the West Bank of Palestine. Janna counts herself as one of the youngest journalists in the world, having only turned 10 in April 2016.

As a resident of Nabi Saleh, in the West Bank, Janna often attends demonstrations against Israeli occupation and violence. Lately, Janna has expanded her work, using her mother’s iPhone to shoot videos in places such as Jerusalem, Hebron, Nablus and Jordan. Her videos show protest marches, detainees at checkpoints and violence against Palestinians, mainly children.

Janna’s inspiration comes in part from the deaths of two family members in her village – her cousin, Mustafa Tamimi, and uncle, Rushdie Tamimi, both of whom were killed in the fighting. She also gains inspiration from another uncle, Bilal Tamimi who is a photographer known for his photographs of violent soldiers in the region.

“My camera is my gun,” Janna explains to Al Jazeera. “The camera is stronger than the gun … I can send my message to small people, and they can send it to others.”

Reporting on such a heavy conflict might seem no place for a child, Janna told Al Jazeera that there’s one advantage she has over professional reporters. “The soldiers catch the big journalists and take their cameras”. But her deep passion is to help her community. “Not a lot of journalists are sending our message from Palestine to the world, so I thought, ‘Why not send my message…and show them what is happening in my village,'”.

Janna shares her reports on her Facebook Page which already has over 100,000 likes.

Watch this interview with Janna to see more:

Jannas mother, Nawal spoke to Al Jazeera, saying “I am proud of my daughter because as a child, she tells her message to the world. She shares her fears, what she feels, and the problems of attending school.”

However, she goes on to say “But I am scared for her, when the army comes in the middle of the night and tear-gases our house, and we wake up in smoke … They attack our people who demonstrate against the settlers and the Israeli occupation.”

While AidWithArt doesn’t get involved in politics, it is inspiring to see someone so young being so passionate about reporting atrocities in the world and trying to make a difference.

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