banner of 4 t shirts with syrian refugee crisis designs

Our Mission

Aid With Art CIC is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to providing Aid for those affected by humanitarian crises through the design and sale of arty apparel.

How do you support those in need?

We help those in need, in 2 ways. Firstly, the designs that we sell are intentionally inspiring and eye-catching. This is to get people talking about their exciting new clothes, and spreading awareness about the causes.

Secondly, all the profits generated by these clothes are used to specifically buy and ship aid directly to those in need. The specifics of each campaign can be found on the relevant blog post, such as this one about our Syrian Refugee campaign.

Which crises are you supporting?

Right now, our main campaign is to support refugees of the Syrian war.This is such important work, as there are currently over 4 million refugees seeking shelter from the ongoing war in their home country. 95% of those refugees are in just five countries, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. This is causing problems in the wider region, as these countries are stretched to their limit.

Currently, the UN humanitarian appeal for Syrian refugees is just 40% funded. This is why your support is so vital. We are aiming to support children as our priority, and that includes medicine, food, shelter and education.

How do you ensure the clothing is made ethically?

For all of our products, our printing partner requires “suppliers to provide fair work and production conditions within their capability. This includes, among other labour standards, the assured prevention of child labour and the guarantee of fair payment. To ensure these standards, we work with suppliers who bindingly sign our Social Code of Conduct, or provide similar binding assurances of their own.” The partner goes on to say how they “gather detailed information about the supplier’s production conditions (Social Audit Reports, reports on local incidents tested by other textile processors).” to ensure the clothes are ethically sourced.

What is a CIC?

Aid With Art is set up as a Community Interest Company or CIC. A CIC is a relatively new type of company, based in the UK. You can think of it as a charity, formed as a private limited company. This is because the company has to set out it’s aims for giving profits to a community in need (in this case, people affected by humanitarian crises), and yet it can be run by a small directorate making fast decisions, with less red-tape and bureaucracy.

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