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Hello my name is Amanda-Louise, I am a new author for Aid with Art. So here is a little about myself. I live near Lincoln in the UK. I enjoy photography, history, arts and helping others. I have worked with children for over 17 years, I have also worked for a County Council,  in the cultural visitor industry: my […]

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Calais ‘Jungle’ Closure A Welcome Decision

The recent decision by the French authorities to close down the refugee camp, known as ‘The Jungle’, in Calais is a welcome move. It had been determined that the camp would be dismantled by ‘the end of the year’, and half it has already been demolished, with the rest looking like it will be taken […]

  • October 16th, 2016
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barbara4u2c wearing aid with art t-shirt

YouTuber Barbara4u2c Wears Aid With Art Tee!

YouTuber Barbara4u2c has got involved with our cause by wearing an Aid With Art T-Shirt this week! Barbara is a vlogger and comedian on YouTube, having gained over 15k subscribers on her latest channel. She is very popular among eastern europeans, due to her Slovenian heritage and many videos about the country; nevertheless since moving […]

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Expired: T-Shirt season is here! Get 15% Off!

Summer is here, so show off that tan with 15% off all T-Shirts until 21st June! That’s right, In celebration of T-Shirt Day 2016, we are giving you a full week of 15% off any T-shirt in the store! Simply enter the code at checkout: TSHIRT16 Apply it at the payment screen of the checkout […]

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Refugee team to make 2016 Olympics in historic move

History is to be made at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, as the first ever refugee team will take part. The International Olympic Committee made the announcement after narrowing down the shortlist from 43 athletes to 10, plus 15 officials that will accompany the team. Competing will be 6 male and 4 female athletes, under […]

  • June 8th, 2016
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10 year old reporter

Meet the 10 year old reporter in Palestine

Often, the current refugee crisis in the middle east is solely blamed on the Syrian civil war, however there is a lot of fighting in other states that simply isn’t reported. One person is helping to change that. Janna Jihad Ayyad, a 10 year old girl has been reporting on the violence taking place in […]

  • June 2nd, 2016
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laura jones design benner

Creative Spotlight: Laura Jones, Illustrator

Having heard about the cause that AWA is currently supporting, Laura decided to create a design to inspire and remind people about the Syrian culture that still exists. “My t-shirt design is inspired by Syrian textiles. I was interested in the rich culture in Syria of design and textiles. I think it is easy to […]

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Understanding the Refugee Crisis

In one of the most powerful videos about the refugee crisis, John Green of the vlogbrothers, really sets out some hard truths about the war in Syria. The violence was caused by an uprising against dictatorship, so called the ‘Arab Spring’. While in some arab countries, this uprising did remove a vicious dictatorship from power, […]

designers creating artwork with their hands

Calling All Artists! Volunteer Today

Calling all you artists out there! We need you! All the designs you see are provided by volunteers, and we need more. Our current Syria Refugee Campaign has seen a good influx of clothing designs, but the more artwork we have, the bigger our presence. If you produce a design for our clothing range, and […]

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Launch of Syrian Refugee Campaign

The world’s worst humanitarian crisis of our time is currently happening, in and around Syria. Hundreds of thousands of people have died, with the millions of “lucky” ones still alive, having fled their homes. Aid With Art is a non-profit company with the aim of providing aid to those suffering from humanitarian crises. Right now, […]