barbara4u2c wearing aid with art t-shirt

YouTuber Barbara4u2c Wears Aid With Art Tee!

YouTuber Barbara4u2c has got involved with our cause by wearing an Aid With Art T-Shirt this week!

Barbara is a vlogger and comedian on YouTube, having gained over 15k subscribers on her latest channel. She is very popular among eastern europeans, due to her Slovenian heritage and many videos about the country; nevertheless since moving to America, Barbara has now gained a large following in the USA, Europe and all accross the world. Watch her un-box the shirt here:

As a popular and growing internet celebrity, it’s great that Barbara is helping our aim of spreading awareness of our causes, specifically at this time the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Here is a photo Barbara sent us of her wearing the shirt.


I really reccomend you check out the full video on her channel.

You can also buy Barbara’s chosen shirt here.